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SCARKAZM, the power trio from Traverse City, Mi., is the creation of long time friends and bandmates Adam Crawford (guitar and vocals), Dave Weber (bass and vocals), and Jeff Hudson (drums and vocals). With each member bringing many years of hard work and dedication to the table, Scarkazm formed in 2011. In their collective experience, they have opened for such national acts as Hellyeah, Pop Evil, Tantric, Trapt, Wayne Static, Sick Puppies, Like a Storm, Nonpoint, Powerman 5000, Red Sun RIsing  and Nothingface.
In 2013, SCARKAZM released their first full length album, "Revolution Eyes." With cross elements of Rob Zombie, Megadeth, and Disturbed, SCARKAZM brings forth their version of Melodic Groove Metal to the people. "Revolution Eyes" is now available on, ITunes, CD Baby, and also at every SCARKAZM show.
Whether choosing a shorter "all original" set to open for national acts out on tour, or longer sets filled with a mix of modern rock/metal covers blended with originals for the smaller bar/club circuit and festival events, Scarkazm has the ability to mold their show to adapt to the event they are performing at each night. Pushing out straight forward, high energy shows, SCARKAZM keeps one goal in mind.....keeping the people involved until the very last note!!!



Please take a look , a listen, and contact us to schedule an event near you!

Revolution Eyes
released August           2013

Scarkazm is the brainchild of Adam Crawford, Dave Weber and Jeff Hudson. Together they have revealed their debut release, 2013’s, “Revolution Eyes.” 

Scarkazm lands “Revolution Eyes” firmly in the metal/modern rock genre with its combination of powerful guitars, punchy drums, driving bass lines and strong vocals. Crawford's voice has great tone, but he also manages to be forceful when needed, specifically when he brings his voice down to form the harmonies that are so well placed within this release. 

The music on "Revolution Eyes" has some serious meat to it. The rhythm section provides a good deal of oomph thanks to exceptional bass lines and a drum performance that mixes some brief and quick fills with a good deal of interesting double bass patterns. If you like "tasty" guitar solos with catchy phrasing and some well thought out speed, you will quickly take notice of the guitar work on this disc. 

“Revolution Eyes” is a straight-forward dose of metal/modern rock that is exceptionally written and performed. There’s not a wasted second on the 10 song debut release, and the inclusion of so many memorable hooks makes time seem to fly by. If this is a sign of what can be expected from Scarkazm, They are definitely an act to look out for.


"In The Looking Glass" is the latest release!

In EP fromat, It is also the first half of songs to be released during this recording cycle.  With riff driven music aligned with melodic vocals and harmonies, "In The Looking Glass" picks up where "Revolution Eyes" left off, and then takes it even  further. 

Go For The Throat
  released    2017

Scarkazm continues to build on a style and brand that is unique yet appealing to all types of audiences.  The songwriting and production continue to push forward on the 3rd release.  Listen to it and you will get it!

In The Looking Glass
  released December                   2015
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